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Wolfendale Transport LTD offers a diverse fleet of vehicles to our clients, capable of catering to your every transport need. We specialise in providing Hiab transportation services, however, over the years, we have diversified to become an all-encompassing and reliable heavyweight haulage transport provider. We can currently oversee projects ranging from abnormal loads, to Hiab and lorry loaders. Our staff are friendly, professional, highly trained and fully equipped to handle your specific haulage requirements.

Hiab Haulage

We specialise in Hiab haulage services and our modern fleet includes a wide range of crane mounted vehicles also known as ‘Hiabs’. Our fleet of Hiab vehicles includes heavy commercial vehicles from 7.5 ton to 44 tons and our mounted cranes are available in a variety of sizes to suit the lifting requirements of multiple industries.

Our Hiab operators are experienced in transporting shipping containers and portacabins, mechanical equipment such as generators and transformers as well as manufacturing supplies, such as sprinkler systems or custodial doors. Our experienced HGV drivers and crane operators are also able to provide Hiab services for construction sites where off loading work is required.

Tailored Lifting Solutions

Not only do we supply risk assessments and method statements for any lifting operation, but we’re additionally able to submit detailed lifting plans. We utilise our qualified experts to extend a contract lifting service, relieving our clients of the stress entailed in producing lifting plans. We provide an experienced haulage expert to help clients assess their lifting requirements as well as for planning and overseeing any transportation project.

Abnormal Load Movements

Wolfendale Transport LTD has the necessary experience and range of vehicles required to safely transport wide and long abnormal loads. When undertaking abnormal loads, we make sure to notify the relevant authorities and plot our movement with precision. The staff who handle such operations are fully-experienced in the transport of abnormally long, wide or heavy loads. They are competent operators of a comprehensive fleet of vehicles and trailers ranging from low loaders and extendable trailers to our most recent addition of plant carrying vehicles, allowing us to facilitate a diverse range of abnormal loads.

General Haulage

We operate a modern, diverse fleet of vehicles, ranging from curtain sided and flat bed vehicles, vehicles with tail-lifts, vans, and even a 44 ton articulated vehicle. This means that we are able to provide a comprehensive haulage service including Hiab, low loader, heavy, abnormal, long distance or local haulage. If have any queries about your options, including requesting information about locations and times as well as technical lifting enquiries, our approachable team members readily provide you with the guidance you require.

Hazardous Haulage

We provide specialised transportation services for companies who need to regularly or periodically transport hazardous goods. Hazardous goods include any substance which could potentially cause harm to people, property, animals or the surrounding environment. We have the necessary training and experience to safely transport these goods in large quantities.

The majority of our vehicles are equipped with the necessary safety equipment to transport hazardous goods. Our staff has been trained effectively to safely facilitate these goods from pickup to their destination. Our drivers hold the pertinent ADR licenses for the movement of hazardous items and are entirely compliant with the current driver CPC periodic training.

Moffett Truck Mounted Forklift

We provide a truck mounted forklift service for customers how need their goods loaded or off loaded but are not capable for doing this themselves. A Moffet truck enables clients to transport their goods on the back of a truck or trailer, meaning that more goods can be loaded onto the vehicle without losing other valuable space. A truck mounted forklift can help you increase your deliveries and your turnaround time. Our fully-trained and competent operators will gladly assist in the safe delivery of your property.


Wolfendale Transport LTD provides storage services for all our clients. Our warehouse facility spans 5000 square feet, meaning we are able to accommodate almost any variety of large, heavy or abnormal items. We offer long or short term storage solutions, for clients who wish to store as well as transport their goods. All loads will be expertly transported and placed in the warehouse by our team of highly trained crane operators and drivers. You can rest assured that your goods will be securely stored and looked after by experienced professionals.

Technical Advice

Our staff have a thorough knowledge of the trade and will seek to guide you wherever they can. We offer advice on the technical aspects, including loading capacities, time frames, and geographical knowledge. This allows you to properly evaluate your options and make the decision that best suits your needs.

Tracking and Safety

All of our vehicles are fitted with telematics, ensuring you know exactly where your consignment is at any time. We have invested in our commitment to safety by fitting our vehicles with sensory systems and camera equipment, helping drivers to remain aware of surrounding traffic.



FORS is an acronym for the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, which promotes road safety, a reduction in fuel emissions, a reduction in traffic fines, and an overall superior standard of operation. FORS is due to become a legal requirement for delivery into certain London boroughs. Without it, a vehicle may be denied access to delivery points in the future.

ISO 9001:

ISO 9001 refers to a Quality Management System whose tenets we uphold.

Crossrail Compliant:

Wolfendale Transport LTD is Crossrail Compliant, meaning lorries are fitted with sensors and other safety equipment that alerts drivers to the presence of cyclists.

Vehicle Specifications :

Our Hiab vehicle specifications include 18 - 26 ton rigid Hiabs, 44 ton articulated Hiabs, 3.5 ton pickups with mounted Hiab and Hiab trailers.

Other vehicles in our fleet include 18 - 44 ton articulated curtain sided vehicles, 44 ton articulated flatbeds, low loader trailers as well as extender trailers.

Wolfendale Transport LTD is ready to ensure your move happens as swiftly as possible. We understand the unease that comes with moving heavy and abnormal items, and are dedicated to facilitating the safe transportation of your goods on your behalf. Contact us today to discuss your area and destination mileage for your haulage solution.

For a friendly and professional service with regards to haulage, call us today on 0161 628 2222 or 0161 628 666666.